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British heritage inspired homewares

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Freda Smith is a timeless collection of British heritage inspired homewares with a contemporary design twist.

Made in Britain, each piece is an instant classic.

S is for Sustainability

When we started on our Freda Smith journey, Mum and I wanted to make a commitment to sustainability,

Aside from quality and heritage, this was one of the reasons we decided to manufacture all of our products in the UK.

Over on the blog, we’ve been thinking about how we can all be more sustainable and we’re sharing tips related to…

  • Becoming eco-fashion conscious

  • Using your home appliances more efficiently

  • Being supermarket savvy

  • Shopping small and local to minimise your carbon footprint

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You might also want to have a read about what we’re doing as a small, independent business to minimise our impact on the environment.

Read Our Commitment to Sustainability >

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